Priobotics are easy to make!!

Good bacteria in the digestive tract is essential for our good health.

There is no doubt about it! While modern medicine is still not promoting this fact even though it is based on this research. Hippocrates the father of modern medicine quotes

“All Disease Begins in the Gut”
The digestive tract can be re-colonised by introducing good bacteria to over come the bad bacteria that it naturally colonises in a acid environment. More into an alkaline environment and cleanse course next month. But until then I would like to talk about how easy it is to provide and nourish your gut with high potency, non expensive good bacteria rich food. All in the name of fermentation!
The King of fermentation Sandor himself, while keeping his HIV+ compromised immunity in the most perfect healthy condition states in his cornerstone book Wild Fermentation (2003),

“The importance of bacteria and our bacterial interactions cannot be overstated. We could not exist or function without our bacterial partners.” Sandor Ellix Katz

Fermentation foods are the only sustainable way to balance the good flora in your gut by increasing the probiotic range. Once your flora becomes unbalance and low stomach acid becomes normal, the range of medical conditions this encourages is enormous.

How to grow your own healthy micro-flora, heal your gut and improve your immune system !

Live fermentation foods contain live active cultures of normal flora that re-populate your digestive tract and aid in digestion. Kefir contain more organisms than yogurt and the normal flora in kefir is made of very strong strains of micro organisms unlike most yogurts. kefir grains are very easy to obtain.
And easier again is fermenting and culturing everyday foods, in this course I will be covering everyday ideas and recipes on how to ferment and culture foods, inexpensively and tasty living raw live enzymes growing in glass jars with healthy probiotic cultures for the whole family in kefir drinks, coconut yogurts, Sauerkraut , picked cucumbers and turmeric Kombucha

There is no need to pay for high cost probiotics that contain fewer strains of good bacteria unless you can not support yourself and your family with fresh live cultured fermented foods or have been sick for a very long time with compromised digestion and unable to take fermented foods or drinks or are in a position of them not being accessible ie traveling in remote locations.
Probiotics are easy to make !!
next Thursday 4th September
12pm – 1.30pm
Noosaville rsvp for location with Anji 0411572896
$20 covers demos ingredients and taste samples and includes handout recipes

Anji’s Quick Sauerkraut Recipe
•purple cabbage, cored and cut into small wedges
•4 carrots
•1 beetroot
•3 tablespoons sea salt, plus more as needed
Using a food processor fitted with a grating disk and working in batches, finely shred the cabbage, carrot and beetroot. Place in a large ceramic bowl, sprinkling some of the measured salt on the cabbage between batches. When all of the cabbage is shredded, add any remaining salt and toss and squeeze and you can belt with a wooden spoon to start the brine so that the mixture combines thoroughly
Pack the cabbage, carrot and beetroot and any juices it has released into a ceramic bowl a little at a time, pressing the cabbage down firmly with your fist as you go. Once all in the bowl, firmly turn with your fists, squeezing and releasing juices for 10 mins. Add more salt if needed
Once starting to create brine, pack very tightly into jars. Secure tight fitting lids with 1.5cm space from top.
You can start to eat once the sauerkraut has started to ferment which in Queensland is 2 days outside the refrigerator and 6 days in the refrigerator. The sauerkraut you have just made will last up to 3 months refrigerated and submerged in brine as long as you use a clean spoon every time you access the sauerkraut from the jar and place back in the fridge promptly.

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