Dance daily to that inward inspiration…

*Everything is so much bigger than us* so start dancing, begin a quest! There are books you haven’t written, dances you haven’t danced, songs you haven’t sung.  When you are quiet, you know that you may want to dance again.

When you start dancing again, you begin to identify more deeply with what is you, want you want to be associated with. You want to create more time to reconnect to what makes your soul sings. Make small steps to hear the music that makes you want to dance.

Dancing can..well lets talk health because that’s what we’ve got..make your your heart and lungs dance, make you strong and fit and sneakily creating endurance and aerobic fitness, make you feel better and functional mentally better as you get in touch with the person who is dancing inside.

Make a dance movement each day when you are listening to the inward stillness that wants to dance. Capture that expression of movement in the body, intuitively. Don’t let a day passes that you haven’t listened and danced.

Not only does dancing bring us to our bodies which is where we all prefer to be, it also helps our circulation and blood to move freely, increasing oxygen and thus reducing pain. Dancing daily has been proven to offset dementia, increase vision range and dispel insecurities as we get older. Everyone loves to dance, even if it is a small expression of self.

The Seven Layers of the Feminine Dance next scheduled to coincide with International Women’s Day 8 March 2015 of the theme of Inspiring Change. The Feminine has many faces while facing change. By dancing the face of each archetype in order to become conscious of how her energy manifests in you and you recognise her in the mirror and your brilliant capacity to adapt and change. You will have astonishing moments when realising the parallels between each archetype challenges and victories with those in your own life as a modern woman who courageously faces change daily

Meanwhile, dance daily..

Love Anji

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