Clay has it day for gentle detoxing

Winter is a time when we naturally want to hunker down, hibernate and keep warm; often it is accompanied by over eating and stagnation. We generally don’t feel like undergoing cleanses, flushes or detoxification, as this requires extra energy and often leaves us feeling drained and cold. Rather than undergoing a full on detox protocol there are ways we can still detoxify that wont burden and drain the body, with no fasting or change of diet required. One very effective way to do this is with external clay packing.

Clay therapy has been used by many different cultures around the world for thousands of years. The term historically used for mud therapies is called Pelotherapy. By applying clay preparations to the external body toxins are absorbed into the clay itself. Toxins are also released internally into the GI tract and taken out of the body. Clay is mineral rich so also provides replenishment of minerals transdermally. Periodic detoxification is necessary to maintain ideal cell homeostasis and resonance.

There are many different types of clay. PRL uses a combination of volcanic clay, calcium bentonite and peat magma all of which are quality ingredients and non toxic. They combine clay with sea vegetables and other detoxifying and nutrient rich herbs to produce a balanced formula for detoxification and rejuvenation.

When to use Medi-Body Pack:
• Easy way to detoxify during winter without pushing the body too much
• To remove interference fields
• Great for those who have suffered physical trauma – such as sports people, surgery, accidents. Clay packing speeds up recovery time, increasing circulation and boosting the immune system
• To relieve pain especially osteoarthritic pain in hands, feet and knees
• To clear infections, such as those associated with surgery, spider bites etc
• To improve the effectiveness of nutrients and herbs, allowing greater results in a reduced amount of time
• To improve under functioning organs/glands e.g. adrenals, thyroid
• To increase energy levels by reconnecting injured or disconnected meridian pathways
• Before a long flight, pack hands and feet
• Tip: To avoid re-absorption of toxins keep clay on for no longer than 10-15 minutes (if not using QRA to determine time needed)

When to use Medi-Body Bath and Medi-Soak:
• After clay packing sessions to absorb toxins that may have been released
• Add to bath water. Do once per week for ongoing gentle detoxification
• Those who are very depleted rejuvenate with Medi-Soak by adding to a foot bath
• Kids who are swimming in chlorine, bath with Medi-Body Bath – adding 1/4 cup to support detoxification of chlorine
• Use in conjunction with chemical or toxic metal detoxification programs, or anti-infective protocols – soak hands and/or feet
• Slow detoxifiers (those who struggle to release toxins)
• Those prone to headaches/migraines or pain
• Medi-Body Bath assists further drawing out of toxins and Medi-Soak replaces minerals.
• Tip: To ensure toxins aren’t reabsorbed soak for more than 10-15 minutes.
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